Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ghost on the Case by Carolyn Hart (audiobook on CD)

Ghost on the Case
by Carolyn Hart [Compact Disc Hart] 

In the eighth entry in Carolyn Hart’s Bailey Ruth Raeburn mystery series, the dearly departed ghost, Bailey Ruth — correction, “heavenly emissary” — returns to her long-ago hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma, to assist a young woman about to be involved in dire events. As usual, Bailey Ruth’s charge ends up the chief suspect in a murder, and Bailey Ruth has to use the skills she’s built from having been a life-long (and death-long) mystery reader, to try to assist the police in uncovering who the true culprit is.

While I did enjoy this one — Ann Marie Lee’s audiobook narration again brings the characters to vivid life — the series is becoming just a tad formulaic, and this particular volume seemed to involve a lot of repetition of the same plot points, over and over. Still…seeing Bailey Ruth interact with Chief Sam Cobb, who’s become remarkably calm about getting assistance from an otherwordly spirit, makes this one more than worthwhile. The plot here isn’t as important as the interactions of the characters, and Carolyn Hart remains a master of developing interesting casts of characters!

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[ official Bailey Ruth Raeburn page on the official Carolyn Hart web site ]

Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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