Sunday, December 17, 2017

Magdalena: Reformation by Tini Howard (on Hoopla)

Magdalena: Reformation
by Tini Howard [Hoopla Digital Resources] 

Before I read this I had never heard of this character before so it was pretty fun to read with no preconceptions. Patience, aka Magdalena, is a hero who wields a spear, the Spear of Destiny, which she uses to fight evil and demons. This spear and the role that comes with it have been passed down the blood line of Christ, sort of like the Witchblade but different. During a battle at the beginning of the story Magdalena is hurt by a demon and it’s implied she’s no longer the real spear bearer. She knows that eventually she’ll need to find a successor and pass on her skills and knowledge but she thought she had more time. Conveniently another with the Holy blood living in town comes to her attention and the training begins. The trainee is a community college student trying to live a good life but getting tangled up with perhaps the wrong people. I liked this book and am really curious about the rest of the series. Right now there is no more on Hoopla but they do add new books regularly, so who knows if more will appear. If you are looking for a really good graphic novel with religious mythology and or if you like Witchblade (they are set in the same universe and have crossed over before), you’ll probably enjoy this.

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[ official Magdelena web site ] | [ official Tini Howard web site ]

Recommended by Kristen A.
Gere Branch Library

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