Friday, June 7, 2013

A Question of Identity

A Question of Identity
by Anthea Fraser

Rona Parish is a successful biographer and freelance journalist. She also has a reputation for solving murders that she likes to downplay. Rona is working a biography about the reclusive artist, Elspeth Wilding. Her research is going slowly but she is committed. Her twin sister, Lindsay, asks Rona to find out the identity of a person inked out of an old school photo for a friend. At first, Rona balks at the idea. She is trying to discourage people from thinking of her as an investigator. But Lindsay persists and Rona is bored with her research so she agrees to meet with William and Glenda Stirling to hear their story. They tell her about the black and white photo of a school group at Springfield Lodge with the date, July 1951, scrawled on the back. One of the people blotted out of the photo. Glenda found the picture in the bottom of a sewing box and asked her mother about it. Her mother, Trish Cowley, became very upset and refused to talk about it. Glenda found the photo again after Trish died and decided to find out who had been scratched out. That is where a reluctant Rona comes in. An improbable set of coincidences allows Rona to identify the person and the reason the individual was obliterated. -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department

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