Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hot X Algebra Exposed

Hot X Algebra Exposed
by Danica McKellar [512 McK]

This is basically an algebra text book companion. It's written by mathematician Danica McKellar, who starred as Winnie Cooper on the Wonder Years television show. It covers algebraic concepts in a friendly conversational way, making difficult concepts more approachable than most text books or other help books. The overarching theme of the book is making math something you feel you can conquer, maybe even have fun with. She starts off each chapter with a real life story and ties it into the concept covered in the chapter. Each algebraic topic is explained, then lists out the steps, then sees the steps applied to a few examples. There are some practice problems at the end of each chapter with answers in the back. You can also check the author's website to see all the steps involved in answering each question. This way if you get it wrong, you can check where you made your error. As great as this book is, it is written with a teenage girl audience in mind. She'll use flowers for variables, talk about pesky little brothers spoiling your party, and includes encouraging quotes and stories from other teen girls. This aspect didn't bother me too much, but it could annoy other readers. If you are brushing up on your math skills, or are taking an Algebra class this is a good book to have around for reference. If you are looking for practice problems, I would also recommend 'The complete idiot's guide to algebra practice problems' by Jane Gardner. This one has plenty of practice problems to work through as well as the how-to part. This book may also appeal to those those interested in reading about women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math). For more information and stories about women in these fields, checkout the Ada Lovelace Day webpage at findingada.com. [If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try The Complete Idiot's Guide to Algebra Practice Problems by Jane Gardner.] -- recommended by Kristen A. - Gere Branch Library

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