Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Girl Genius: Omnibus One: Agatha Awakens

Girl Genius: Omnibus One: Agatha Awakens
by Phil and Kaja Foglio [741.5 Fog]

For anyone interested in trying out the world of Steampunk literature, this graphic-novel format story is a perfect place to start. Creators Phil and Kaja Foglio refer to it more as a "gaslamp fantasy", but this amusing and exciting adventure story has a lot of the elements that go into typical steampunk stories as well -- plucky and adventurous heroes (in this case a heroine, who is only just coming to realize that she's "special"), anacrhonistic technologies, including airships and steam-powered robots, and an oppressive government to fight back against. Phil Foglio has been doing comical fantasy art for decades -- I loved his "Phil and Dixie" comic strip in Dragon magazine for many years, and his were the illustrations I liked best for the Robert Asprin "Myth" fantasy novels. With Girl Genius, he's given free reign to let is humor go loose, and a whole world to invest with interesting stories. If you enjoy this first hardback graphic novel compilation, you should be aware that the Girl Genius storyline is much longer than just this volume -- it has continued with a long-running plot online at Girl Genius Online Comics -- you can read the whole thing for free there! -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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