Friday, June 21, 2013

New Customer Review - Kiss Me Again

Kiss Me Again
by Rachel Vail [YA Vail]

Cliches. We watch them, we read them, and sometimes we like them. This is one of those times where you're actually going to like it. Kiss Me Again caught my eye by just seeing the title. You know why? Because of the AGAIN. It means there's a past there. There's a story waiting to be unfolded. Which I then found out because this was the second book to a series. But that's beside the point! The point is, this book is a good book. If your looking for a quick read, grab it. If it's a rainy day and you just want some clicheness in you, steal it (don't actually steal it, I'm just trying to find a better word than grab but nothings coming to the mind). Happy Reading! -- review submitted by Vanessa L. - a customer of the Gere Branch Library

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