Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Baker Street Letters

The Baker Street Letters
by Michael Robertson

When I saw the third volume in this quirky series at Barnes & Noble recently, I realized I had missed the first two entries, so I backtracked to read The Baker Street Letters. Two British brothers, respectable Reggie Heath and his flightier younger brother Nigel, have set up a legal office on the 2nd floor of the office building at 221 Baker Street in London. Part of the conditions of their inexpensive lease is that they are required to answer all of the fan mail that comes addressed to Sherlock Holmes at 221B Baker Street, with standard form letters -- no personal responses. When Nigel believes foul play is afoot in Los Angeles, based on a 20-year-old letter that has had a recent follow-up, he disappears from England on the even of a hearing to reinstate his law license. Reggie follows his errant brother to the States, and finds himself hip deep in a mystery involved falsified land records, a missing surveyor, and his brother...who is soon accused of murder. Not perfect -- there's a few lapses in logic and it could have used a tighter editorial hand, but this is still a fun and fast read, with likeable characters and an amusing premise. I definitely recommend this, and look forward to reading the subsequent volumes in the series! -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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