Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Murder at a Vineyard Mansion by Philip R. Craig [audiobook]

Murder at a Vineyard Mansion
by Philip R. Craig [Compact Disc Craig]

This book is populated with quirky characters. One of them escapes from jail every night to roam the streets. But he's always back in his cell before breakfast because the inmate who cooks the prisoners' meals is an excellent chef. Another character has been nicknamed the Silencer. He zaps booming car stereos and destroys the sound systems of party animals that aggravate their neighbors with their loud music. The residents who value their hearing are greatly relieved by the Silencer's crusade. Nobody knows how he does it and they don't care. On the other hand, the offended parties want this vandal CAUGHT! The lovers of peace and quiet are happy that the Silencer is around. The police have made catching him a low priority. J. W. Jackson, a former Boston police officer and a sometime private investigator is one of these unconventional islanders. One of his wealthy neighbors drags a reluctant J.W. away from his fishing rod into his role as a detective. She asks him to prove that her son did not murder a night watchman at a Chappaquiddick mega-mansion. To do so, J.W. must explore some of the esoteric connections among the moneyed elite on Martha's Vineyard. The eccentric characters make this book a fun read. Craig also co-wrote the Brady Coyne series with William Tapply. -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department [ See Donna's Reviewer Profile ]

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[Also available in Print format.]

[ official Philip R. Craig web site ]

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