Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian
by Andy Weir

Mark Watney is a crew member on Ares 3, the third NASA mission to Mars. On the sixth day, a sudden wind storm hits and the crew must evacuate the surface, thus ending the mission. Mark is struck by flying debris and he is thought dead, forcing his crewmates to leave without him. Now Mark is stranded and alone, with no way to communicate with NASA, and not enough supplies to last him until the next mission arrives. Now what does he do? One does not need to be a sci-fi fan to enjoy this book. This is more of a fascinating story of one's determination to survive. By day 40 satellite photos of Mars shows NASA he's alive. Told from both Watney's point of view and that of NASA staff members, this is an exciting story of a rescue with international assistance. At times the disasters and odds seem insurmountable, but Watney's sense of humor gets him through (and you'll be quoting him for days). There are parts of this novel that you can't read fast enough due to the action, especially the final two chapters. If you enjoyed the Gregory Peck movie, "Marooned," you won't be able to put down this story. -- recommended by Charlotte K. - Bennett Martin Public Library [ See Charlotte's Reviewer Profile ]

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