Friday, May 2, 2014

My Life by Bill Clinton

My Life
by Bill Clinton [B C612]

It starts with him growing up in Arkansas, and explains a lot of family history – there were a couple of dramatic step-fathers involved. He then goes on to talk about his campaign trails, both elections – first against Bush and then Dole. It's a good read – long – but if you enjoy political biographies this is a good one to add to your to-read-list. I, like most people, immediately flipped to the section about Monica Lewinsky cause I love a good scandal and let's face it that one went down in presidential history. He does actually talk a lot about meeting with Monica, the guilt he felt immediately after, how Hillary didn't believe the rumors and stood up for him, and then his eventual admittance of the affair, to the legal aspects with Linda Tripp and Kenneth Starr. Apparently he spent a quite a few months on the couch. -- recommended by Carrie K. - Bennett Martin Public Library [ See Carrie's Reviewer Profile ]

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[Also available in book-on-cd and Spanish Language formats.]

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