Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nerd in Shining Armor by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Nerd in Shining Armor
by Vicki Lewis Thompson

First book in the Nerd Series, but each one is actually a stand-alone. Computer nerd Jack is in love with the office secretary Genevieve who's in love with the boss Nick. The three are in the office plane, with Nick as the pilot, so that Jack can fix a computer issue for their biggest client, while Nick is attending a meeting and taking Genevieve along to "take notes." However, it turns out that Nick has been embezzling funds and is taking the only parachute thus leaving Nick and Genevieve to die in a plane crash over the ocean and leaving no witnesses. But guess who grew up playing Flight Simulator as a nerdy kid and is able to crash-land the plane next to a deserted island? And so it goes. This is not high-grade literature, but so much fun. It's predictable, it's hilarious, and Jack is so likeable. You'll also meet Genevieve's mother and brother, and Nick's business partner, Matt, who can't figure out why the company is not as profitable as it should be. And guess who's the same age as Genevieve's mother? This is a quick, entertaining read with no surprises, and of course it ends the way it should. -- recommended by Charlotte K. - Bennett Martin Public Library [ see Charlotte's Reviewer Profile and Other Reviews ]

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