Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Cairo Affair (audiobook) by Olen Steinhauer

The Cairo Affair
by Olen Steinhauer [Compact Disc Steinhauer]

This is a complex novel that entwines personal secrets and intelligence secrets. Emmett and Sophie Kohl inadvertly set the wheels in motion twenty years ago when they were on their honeymoon in Yugoslovia. When the book opens, American diplomat Emmett Kohl is murdered in front of his wife. Sophie, feeling guilty because she had confessed to Emmett that she had had an affair while they lived in Cairo just before he was shot, searches for Emmett's killer. As Sophie probes, she is shocked to learn they were forced to move from Cairo to Budapeste, because Emmett was supected of passing secrets to the enemy. But as she digs deeper she learns about "stumbler", an aborted CIA plan to oust Khaddaffi from Libya. Was this long abandoned scheme the real reason that Emmett killed? -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department [ see Donna's Reviewer Profile and Other Reviews ]

[If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try the works of John le Carré, Len Deighton and Chris Pavone.]

[Also available in downloadable audio and traditional print formats.]

[ official The Cairo Affair and Olen Steinhauer web site ]

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