Monday, July 21, 2014

The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva

The Kill Artist
by Daniel Silva

This is the first book in the Gabriel Allon series. Gabriel works in Europe as an art restorer of Old Masters paintings. He's also a retired Mossad agent and wants only to be left alone to work on the paintings. If you're not into spy novels, such as the Bourne series or those by Le Carre, don't worry. These books are actually mysteries as Gabriel tries to pull together all the clues to figure out who did what, when the next event is going to happen, and by whom. In this novel, Gabriel is reluctantly pulled into a search for a terrorist who has recently resurfaced - a man who was responsible for the destruction of his family - and is planning a high-profile murder. We meet characters who recur throughout the series, and some will become very dear to you. The people and events are well fleshed-out but not tediously so. At the same time, the action is suspenseful as the story unfolds with plans within plans within betrayals. Read this series in order. Character histories unfold throughout the books, as well as references to events of past books. -- recommended by Charlotte K. - Bennett Martin Public Library [ see Charlotte's Reviewer Profile and Other Reviews ]

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