Monday, July 7, 2014

Death Angel by Linda Fairstein

Death Angel
by Linda Fairstein

This was the title selected for the June 2014 Just Desserts mystery fiction discussion group sponsored by the libraries, and I've got to say, I really enjoyed it very much. Even though it's the 15th volume in a series, I didn't feel like I was lost in the introduction to the characters. The police procedural portion of this novel felt like a Law and Order episode, while the intense relationship plot elements felt more like a soap opera. All that aside, though, Fairstein's detailed descriptions of Central Park -- its layout, its history, its..."character" for lack of a better word -- are what make this book a winner. Having never been to New York City, let along Central Park, I felt after reading this novel that I new a lot more about this exotic locale than ever before. I may not continue with this series, but I highly recommend this individual entry! recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library - See Scott's Review Profile.

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