Friday, October 11, 2013

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (on DVD)

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
[DVD Abraham]

After his mother is killed by a vampire Abraham Lincoln makes it his mission in life to find that vampire and kill him. Along the way he meets Henry Sturgess who teaches him how to fight vampires and directs him to those in the area. He works in a store during the day and kills them at night. While working at the store he meets Mary Todd. Soon he learns that the vampires are fighting with the confederate army. Benjamin Walker plays ax-wielding Lincoln. It's an interesting twist to history. -- recommended by Carrie K. - Bennett Martin Public Library [If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Graham-Smith, the book the movie is based on, or any other Lincoln movie.]

[Also available in downloadable audio, downloadable e-book, traditional print, book-on-cd and Traditional Print formats.]

[ Internet Movie Database entry for this film ] | [ official Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Facebook page ]

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