Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Evidence

First Evidence
by Ken Goddard

Colin Cellars first day as a crime scene investigator for the Oregon State Patrol can only be described as eerie. He is called out to a murder scene in cabin tucked away in the woods. When Colin arrives at the scene he meets two very scared troopers who are prepared to shoot him and ask questions later. They tell Cellars that two other officers were sent to the scene first and that they have disappeared. The nervous troopers also say that their radios have quit working. Colin sends them to get help while he collects evidence in the cabin. The officers are reluctant to let Cellars stay alone but Colin assures them that he will be fine. While he is working in the dark cabin lighted by a spotlight Colin is attacked by someone or something. After Colin gets back to the station learns that the officers that he sent for help are missing. Each time Colin goes back to the cabin look for more evidence spookier things happen. Then the evidence that he collected disappears. This book has an X-Files feel to it. This gripping audio book made me feel like I was riding along with Cellars as he fought the shadowy beings. -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department
[Also available in traditional print format.]

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