Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Customer Review - Everlost

by Neil Shusterman [j Shusterman/YA Shusterman]

The front inside flap of Everlost describes it as an imaginative novel that explores questions of life, death, and what might lie in between. As such, and especially because this is a book by Neal Shusterman, who likes to pose grand questions, I read Everlost with the afterlife on my mind. Meet Nick and Allie, whose families' cars crash head-on one fateful day, sending our hero and heroine hurtling down a tunnel towards a light. But instead of reaching that light, Nick and Allie bump into one another and awake in a forest clearing. Soon, Nick and Allie are introduced to the concept of inter-life, or that space between life and death. It isn't purgatory or Nirvana, but is rather a completely new kind of limbo. As the tale continues to unravel, we learn that God hears prayers in Everlost and that there are also evil spirits. While Shusterman doesn't, as I initially expected him to, pose questions about the specifics of heaven or hell or various recognized states of limbo, he does explore the BIG question about what happens after we die. -- review submitted by Allison H.-F. - a customer of the Bennett Martin Public Library

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