Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Customer Review - The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper
by Kate Morton [Morton]

Yes, I have read book reviews before but never written one, or thought that I might. My reading history almost exclusively consists of legal, police, forensic, or medical, mystery/thrillers. It's unclear why I would have suspended "The Secret Keeper" for checkout but an action that I was certain was an error, has turned into my favorite fiction selection in many years. I admit, in the beginning there were doubts about the book. It started in such an unusual format I felt certain it would involve a multitude of characters and their history to keep track of. (Senior aged reader here.) It also appeared as though it would be a slow paced read. This was definitely not the case. After the basic story begins, I found it to hold mystery after mystery, suspense after suspense. The writing is amazing and follows each character so precisely there was certainly no reason to be concerned about tracking from chapter to chapter. If you are a reader that enjoys unpredictable story events as well as endings, then you will love this book. It provides both, while seamlessly relaying an unusual and intriguing story. Forget the cover description. This novel is much more. For now the Deaver, Gardner, Jackson, Turow, and Hoag titles are on hold while I read the other three books in the library by The Secret Keeper author, Kate Morton. -- review submitted by Cheryl H. - a customer of the Gere Branch Library

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