Friday, October 25, 2013

Customer Review - Everfound

by Neil Shusterman [j Shusterman/YA Shusterman]

As I finished each book in The Skinjacker Trilogy, my husband would ask me, "Are you planning to buy the set?" To that question, I always responded, "I won't know until I read the third book." He suggested it shouldn't matter given that I liked the first two, but far too many trilogies have let me down with their concluding volume. Thankfully, Everfound did not. As often happens with the final book, Everfound is the darkest and most complicated in the set. Nick and Mary are both building armies to destroy one another. Allie has not only discovered the ability to skinjack (hijack a body of a living person), but also what that means and how to use it to help or destroy the living. Having been stripped of his monstrous shape by Mary, Mikey McGill falls in love with her and is quickly rejected, which awakens a new power within him. He can use this power for good or for bad — and it's anyone guess which he will do. There are also new characters introduced, such as a scar wraith who can permanently extinguish the souls in Everlost. And then there are familiar character who take on larger roles, such as Jackin' Jill, who used to be a love interest of Milos, who himself took a fancy to Allie until she rejected him. Oh, and by the way, the reason Nick wants to destroy Mary is because she wants to destroy our living world. Did I mention that Everfound is dark and complicated? Indeed, sometimes it felt a little too much like our own world, whereas I read fantasies to escape into a fanciful and imaginative place. Over all, though, I still feel Shusterman has successfully created a well-written and memorable trilogy. -- review submitted by Allison H.-F. - a customer of the Bennett Martin Public Library

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